March 31, 2023

byAlma Abell

There are many different events, functions and activities that include the use of tables either for guests or attendees to sit at or for displays and promotional tables. By choosing custom table covers for your next special event you can easily dress up any type of table to create a very unique look.

Not all companies are about to make custom table covers, especially if you want to go beyond just a very limited or basic design. Choosing a company that specializes in this type of printing will ensure that you get a beautiful table cover that is just the look that you want.

Conference Display Tables


Most conferences have a display area for sponsors and others that is outside of the general conference rooms. These display areas can easily be made to match the colors of the conference or the theme of the conference by using custom table covers.

With the option to choose between fitted and drop styles of custom table covers you can create a uniform look with all the vendors. Having the conference logo, name and colors on the table covers throughout the conference, including the panel tables and presenter tables in room will really highlight your event.

Attendee Tables

For workshops, retreats, luncheons and even for other types of events having the attendee tables fitted with custom table covers is a great idea. This gives a more polished look to any room and also helps with branding and advertising your event.

Sponsors may also want to add their logos or company name to your design, which could potentially be another source of revenue to consider.


Special holidays, community events and gatherings can be made even more festive with custom table covers. These could include seasonal designs or colors as well as branding information to provide a simple way to change the look of any establishment.

By having different custom table covers to use on hand your customers will appreciate the look of the restaurant, bar, café or bistro, and you can use them year after year. Choose a top quality cover that can be laundered between uses to get maximum life out of each table cover.

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