September 4, 2020

Avoid Being Ripped Off by a Brevard County Painting Contractor



How To Avoid Being Ripped Off by a Brevard County Painting Contractor


On the surface hiring a house painter appears to be a simple task. Just pick up the Yellow Pages and look for the biggest ad and start dialing. First of all, you will be shocked at how many Brevard County Painting companies are out of business these days with the mess that is going on in the real estate industry and in the economy. So you will find your search for a qualified house painter a little more difficult these days. The majority of people turn to the internet and start their search for a house painter on Google or Yahoo. Of course if the best qualified Brevard County painting contractor does not have a web site or has no clue how to get to the first page of the major search engines, you will not be able to find them Here is my first suggestion on finding an honest qualified house painter. Start asking your friends and neighbors if they have heard or used a good painter recently. Personal referrals, in most cases, are probably the best way to find a quality Brevard County painting company. The only thing I would caution you about is to make sure who ever you hire to paint your home, is licensed and insured. The last thing you want to have happen is for someone you hire to do work for you and injury themselves while painting your home. Once you find a contractor you will want to ask them if they have painted any other homes in your area and if they wouldn’t mind giving you the names of some of their past clients so you can contact them and find out how well or not so well of a job the painter did when he painted their home. If they are reluctant to give you references this should raise a red flag. I highly recommend you do not skip this procedure, it will save you a lot of grief in the long run. Here are some questions you may want to ask: Were you happy with the quality provided by the painting contractor? Did the painting contractor protect non-painted surfaces or areas around the home? Were they courteous and polite? Do they warranty their workmanship? The second most import thing you will want to know about the painter you hire is how much they are going to charge and how you will be paying them. Will you be paying them some money up front and small draws as you go? or Will you pay the half the money up front and the balance when the job is finished. I personally recommend paying them a small retainer fees, enough for them to buy the materials to get started. Then pay them draws as the job progresses. This are just a few of the questions you need to have answers to so you can avoid being ripped off by a Brevard County painting contractor. We have prepared a FREE Painters Guide packed with powerful information that will save you time, money and grief when it comes to hiring a Brevard County painting company. Just visit our site

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