March 30, 2019

byAlma Abell

Most children have difficulty going to a dentist for any type of dental work. Usually, due to their anxieties over seeing a dentist in the first place, they will have issues staying still during the procedures they’re visiting for. This can cause stress in the dental office, as well as make it hard for the dentist to give your child the proper dental care they need due to them being restless and agitated as the dentist tries to work. Keeping a child calm while visiting the dentist has always been a difficult situation. Many dentists used to rely on movies and music to try to distract children, but often it would have limited results due to the child’s anxiety levels being too high. Keeping children calm when they visit a Children’s Dentist in Columbia, TN has been improved in recent decades, but is still a difficult situation for any dentist to go through.


When a child requires a lengthy dental procedure, or one that’s often difficult to perform when the child is restless or anxious, a Children’s Dentist in Columbia, TN may rely on sedation dentistry to help them do their work. Sedation dentistry is a relatively new procedure, utilizing mild sedatives to help relax and calm the patient down as the dentist works. There are usually two different methods when dentists use sedation dentistry. The most common method, is a mild sedative that keeps the patient awake while they work, allowing them to feel relaxed and calm but still lucid so they can follow instructions given by the dentist. The other method, which is used for more severe procedures, relies on a full sedative which will knock the patient out for a certain amount of time so the dentist can perform the procedures.

The full sedation therapy is normally used on extremely anxious children, to help prevent them from suffering from too much stress and anxiety. The patient will usually be sedated, and the parent will then take them back to the waiting room. Once they’re out, the nurses will take the patient back for the procedures to be done. Afterwards, they will bring the child back to their parents, so they can wake up in the waiting room as if nothing happened. For more information on the benefits of sedation dentistry for children, Visit the website of your local children’s dentist to learn more.