November 16, 2022

TKD Uniform: Tips for better selection


Athelstan SmithAre you planning to buy Tae Kwon Do uniform? If yes then you have to get involved with various aspects related to TaeKwonDo uniforms. The right type of uniform helps to move freely and safely during fights. There are many stores available in the market which offers you the collection in uniform. This article describes different aspects of uniform for fights so that you can make a better decision while purchasing it.

Loose Fits: TaeKwonDo uniforms are designed in loose fits which allows the person to move freely without resistance. The TaeKwonDo specializes in kicks so it becomes important to check out the fabric through which you can stretch and move your legs without getting caught in it.


Size: The size is main factor while choosing a TKD Uniforms. One must select the uniform that fits perfect. A loose fit uniform will create trouble in moving, freely. While, short or tight fit will bother the person from knee area and restrict the leg movements.

Design: Choosing the design can be another worthy aspect in selecting the uniform. Usually, the uniforms are fairly basic with a choice to choose from black and white color. With varying designs, color of stripes on the TaeKwonDo uniforms is same. White colored uniforms for instance, have a black lining on the collar and shoulder area to give a detailed look.

These facts might help you in selecting the Tae Kwon Do uniform. Most uniforms come in a complete set i.e. including top part and pants but without belt. In case, top or pant of uniform is damaged or lost then you have to pay slightly more for each individual piece. Buying of uniform is not expensive but finding top or pant of the uniform can be little expensive, if bought separately. The colored belt in Tae kwon Do uniform represents your progress. A person is awarded a new belt if he wins the fight in the dojo.

To conclude, Tae Kwon Do uniforms are simple in looks. While buying it make sure that you try it to see if it fits well on you.

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